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Online Class – Signs of the Zodiac

1 April, 2020 Comments Off on Online Class – Signs of the Zodiac By Tracy Q

In this section we take an in-depth look at the astrological signs.

Week 1- triplicities (element) and quadruplicities (mode)- these drives the energy of the signs.

Week 2- Fire signs and the planets that love them.

Week 3- Air signs and the planets that enjoy them.

Week 4- Earth Signs and the planets who thrive in them.

Week 5 – Water signs and the planets who like to splash around in them.

Week 6- Essential dignities of the planets and putting planets and signs together.

This is a six week class, that will run Tuesday evenings. It was supposed to be live, but may switched to an online format in consideration for the current health situation.

Price: $275.00 $250.00
Place and Time: Consult the Sky, April 7th – May 12 2020, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Recommended books: The Inner Sky Steven Forrest & Essential Astrology Amy Herring

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