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Nothern-Stars Astrology Conference

Royal Artillery Park Officers' Club 1575 Queen Street, Halifax

The Northern-Stars Astrology Conference will run 02 to 04 October 2020 at the Royal Artillery Park Officers’ Club in Halifax NS. We hope to have an ISAR exam on the following Monday, and are awaiting confirmation of that. We are also working with ISAR to get a two-day professional training seminar on Tuesday the 3rd through Thursday the 5th of October, dovetailing the conference. ISAR members and members of Canadian Astrology Associations may apply to have the APAA rate, with proof of membership in their local club. This Conference will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend in person, recordings will be available after the event on this website with proceeds to the speakers, barring an act of god. We will be streaming the main lectures. Please get in touch if a streaming ticket is of interest.


Astrology Classes – The Houses & Aspects (4 Weeks)


Astrology – Houses & Aspects
Astrology – The Houses & Aspects is the last in the beginner series of classes. In this 4 week class you’ll be introduced to The houses, which in astrology represent the areas of our lives, and the aspects, which shows the relationships between the planets.

Week one – Harmonics, soft aspects

Week two – Hard aspects, aspect patterns

Week three – House systems, Hemispheres, the Angles, Angular houses

Week four – The Cadent and Succedent houses

Suggested texts – Debra Houlding’s The Houses – Temples of the Sky & Kevin Burk’s Understanding the Birth Chart

Place and Time: Online Tuesday 7 PM - 9 PM MDT June 2nd - June 23rd 2020