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Northern-Stars Astrology Conference

The Northern-Stars Astrology Conference will run 02 to 04 October 2020 at the Royal Artillery Park Officers’ Club in Halifax NS. Our keynot speaker is Christos Archos, ISAR Global Director for Greece. We hope to have an ISAR exam on the following Monday, and are awaiting confirmation of that.

We are also working with ISAR to get a two-day professional training seminar on Tuesday the 3rd through Thursday the 5th of October, dovetailing the conference. Conference registration opens 4 pm sharp on Friday 02 October with lectures, nibbles and a cash bar.

Our Conference gala dinner will be held Saturday evening at a restaurant close to the venue. Details will be posted here and at registration. PLEASE REGISTER for the dinner when you register for the conference.

ISAR members and members of Canadian Astrology Associations may apply to have the APAA rate, with proof of membership in their local club.

This Conference will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend in person, recordings will be available after the event on this website with proceeds to the speakers, barring an act of god. 

We will be streaming the main lectures. Please get in touch if a streaming ticket is of interest.

Photography provided by Al Douglas

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Finding Success in the Horoscope

On 12 January 2020 ( yes we ARE having a “watch” party!) at 2 pm AST (10 am in BC, 6 pm in the UK) for only $20, the APAA is offering a rare treat!

Discover the Slevin System of Chart Analysis that uses Occam’s razor of planetary shorthand to define optimum potential and one’s True North. Determine the most effective itinerary to fulfillment and success, including alternate routes.

Jackie Slevin M.A., C.A. NCGR-PAA, is the NCGR Director of Education and author of Finding Success in the Horoscope. A graduate of Classical Studies in Horary and biography writer for Lois Rodden’s Astrodatabank, she was a Track Coordinator and speaker at UACs 1998, 2002, and 2012, a Free Speech presenter at UAC 08 and has lectured and been published internationally. She currently writes the Daily Guides and Love, Money, Health columns for Horoscope Guide Magazine.

The Astrology of 2020

Thursday, January 9th, 2019
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Inner Arts Collective at 257 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

2020 brings some rare and significant astrological events that will have a meaningful impact personally and collectively. Join Liz Worth to learn how to better set your intentions for the coming year to better align yourself with the universe and achieve your goals.

What are you hoping to achieve in 2020? What held you back in 2019 that you are hoping might change with the New Year? Where are you ready to take a risk, slow down, let go, or dive in?

The astrology of 2020 will open up powerful gateways of change that you can tap into. When you set your intentions with the astrology of the year to come, you are working with the energies of the universe, rather than against them.

If you are ready to have a better understanding of the themes of 2020 and how you can make the most of this astrological turning point, I hope you will join us for this interactive workshop.

No walk-ins.
Advance registration is required.
$35 – Sign up here.

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Synastry and Composites: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Astrology Toronto
January 11, 2020 — 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm

at The Centering Space
59 Cambridge Avenue, near Broadview and Danforth

Join Astrology Toronto members as Dasha M. dives deep into relationship astrology, giving an enlightening look into synastry and composite charts — everything from the good to the bad and the ugly!

The event is free for Astrology Toronto members and $25 for non-members, payable via cash or cheque. A PayPal option is also available directly via Astrology Toronto.

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Rectification MasterClass

Online and live in person if you are in Halifax NS – class starts 21 Oct at 7:30 pm $189 USD (~ $250 CAD – please check on the day you purchase)

Lunar Rhythms

Using the Phases of the Moon for Self-Awareness and Practical Planning

Facilitated by Lesley Francis
Produced by Samuel F Reynolds

The phases of the Moon are deeply familiar to us all, whether or not we are aware of them on a conscious level. This four-week class will introduce you to each of the eight phases, their characteristics, their purpose, their impact, and how they can be used personally to navigate your life. Join intuitive and professional astrologer Lesley Francis as she guides you through
-To identify which phase you were under and what that reveals about you
-To access the power and potential of each phase so you can create a life more effectively lived.

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