British Columbia

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ONLINE Resources by BC based Astrologers

YouTube: Starzology Channel

If you are an aspiring astrologer, the Starzology YouTube channel is for you. On this channel, you will be empowered to achieve your creative potential through the art of astrology. You can discover how to prosper, in the nature of your sign. You will learn how astrology can change your life. Join professional astrologer and teacher Alison Price as she shares with you her journey into the amazing world of astrology. We post new videos every Sunday at 7am Pacific Time. Starzology covers beginner, intermediate and advanced astrology topics. Here you can elevate your chart reading skills and get practical info on how to run your successful astrology business.

Blog: Astrology, Eh?

Do you ever wonder how astrology applies to the stories you see on the news? Have you ever lamented the fact that there is so little Canadian content in astrological publications? Then visit Astrology, Eh? for an astrological look at current and historical events in Canada. You’ll find articles about prime ministers past and present, election coverage, the pandemic, disasters like the Halifax Explosion, and crimes like the Nova Scotia shooting rampage.  All content is free and new blog posts and articles are added regularly, so visit often! 

Ongoing Astrology Groups

New Westminster

Fraser Valley Astrological Guild
Meets the second Thursday of the month, September to June.
Anvil Centre, 4th floor, 777 Columbia St.
Steps from the New Westminster SkyTrain station.
**Temporarily running ONLINE**

The Astrologer’s Den
Meets the first Friday of every month, September to June.
Spiritual Alliance, 317 Columbia St.
Close to the Columbia Street SkyTrain station.
**Temporarily running ONLINE**

Astrology Workshops

(none currently listed)

Astrology Classes

New classes starting September 2021

Level 1: Natal Chart Interpretation

Level 2: Workshops on assorted topics and techniques


West Coast Skies
Instructor: Jodie Miller
Vancouver Unitarian Centre, 49th and Oak St.

Vancouver Astrology
Instructor: Toby Aldren, D.F.Astrol.S.
Most Tuesday and Thursday evenings, October – May
ONLINE classes

Private Instruction


Toby Aldren – online only
Jodie Miller – in person and online
Alison Price – in person and online



Toby Aldren, D.F.Astrol.S. – in person and online
Jodie Miller – in person and online
Alison Price – in person and online