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Rectification MasterClass

19 October, 2019 Comments Off on Rectification MasterClass By Mj

Online and live in person if you are in Halifax NS – class starts 21 Oct at 7:30 pm $189 USD (~ $250 CAD – please check on the day you purchase)

Introductory Astrology

19 October, 2019 Comments Off on Introductory Astrology By Tracy Q

Basics of Astrology

The Basics of Astrology is a 4 week course that looks at the language of astrology itself. Having this course allows you to learn the deeper concepts much faster, and with way less frustration. Taking an astrology class without these basics is like taking a French literature class without learning French. This class gives you the basic tools to learn the juicy stuff without being slowed down.

We will look at the Planets, Signs Houses and Aspects. This is a very general look to introduce you to each concept and give a general over view of what a chart looks like and what the key components are. You’ll get a copy of your chart and print outs of all power points. I’ll make suggestions for reading materials and tools for further learning. Classes will run Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM – 9:15 PM in my home.

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Lunar Rhythms

19 October, 2019 Comments Off on Lunar Rhythms By Tracy Q

Using the Phases of the Moon for Self-Awareness and Practical Planning

Facilitated by Lesley Francis
Produced by Samuel F Reynolds

The phases of the Moon are deeply familiar to us all, whether or not we are aware of them on a conscious level. This four-week class will introduce you to each of the eight phases, their characteristics, their purpose, their impact, and how they can be used personally to navigate your life. Join intuitive and professional astrologer Lesley Francis as she guides you through
-To identify which phase you were under and what that reveals about you
-To access the power and potential of each phase so you can create a life more effectively lived.

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Soyez le Bienvenue!

11 October, 2019 Comments Off on Soyez le Bienvenue! By chef

Bienvenue à l’idée que nous avons inventée à Edmonton lors de la conférence 2019! Ce n’est pas une organisation! C’est un regroupement lâche de gens partageant les mêmes idées afin que nous puissions rester en contact et nous soutenir mutuellement. Le français et l’anglais ont la même place ici et nous ne traduirons pas toujours, car les navigateurs peuvent le faire pour nous maintenant! J’espère que tous les groupes et clubs locaux trouveront un espace ici, ainsi que des groupes d’intérêt (nous avons déjà Bryan Trussler de Kitchener qui dirige la page mondiale).

Une fois que nous nous sommes tous installés ici, je voudrais proposer un “sommet” en ligne afin que nous puissions tous mieux nous connaître et partager des idées. Je peux mettre le lien dans l’espace des membres.

Heureux que vous ayez pu nous rejoindre!



Welcome to the idea we invented in Edmonton at the 2019 Conference!
This is not an organisation! It is a loose grouping of like-minded folk so we can keep in touch and support each other. French and English have equal place here and we won’t always translate, because browsers can do that for us now! I am hopeful that all local groups and clubs will find a space here, also interest groups (we already have Bryan Trussler of Kitchener running the Mundane page)

Once we all settle in here, I would like to propose an online “summit” so we can all get to know each other better and share ideas. I can put the link in the members’ area.

Glad you could join us! x